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Learn About Our Online OSHA, DOT & RCRA Classes
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                                                                        CASE STUDIES ⇒ Environmental & Hazardous Materials

Specialized Training: Railcar & Tank Transfer Exercises

Railcar and tank transfer training conducted at Findlay's fully-equipped facility

Findlay has offered hands-on Railcar and Tank Transfer Specialist training for many years, but in 2009 we custom-tailored our courses to meet the needs of one of the nation’s leading chemical company's Chemical Emergency Response Team (CERT). Representatives of this team travel from their different locations across the U.S. to our state-of-the-art Fostoria Road Training Center in Findlay, Ohio. There they receive extensive classroom instruction and hands-on training on our railcar rigs. In addition, similar training classes are routinely delivered to this client at their various U.S. locations.

In order to qualify to provide this highly specialized training, we had to undergo a rigorous approval process that thoroughly evaluated our existing training programs, services, and facilities. After receiving the necessary approval, our classroom and hands-on courses were uniquely customized to the client's site specific plans, procedures, materials and processes.

We have received very positive feedback from participants who take the training at Findlay, as well as those who receive our training at the client's various locations.

Hands-on environmental and HAZMAT training suited to the client's unique needs

Specialized Training in Emergency and Environmental Response

The Findlay team has developed highly specialized training programs for a major U.S. oil and gas producer. The programs are designed in accordance with the company's facility response plans and site-specific protocols and delivered at numerous locations in ten states.

The training consists of both classroom and hands-on experiences, including mock emergency response exercises. This training seeks to minimize downtime due to hazardous material incidents and meet the client's goals for:

  • satisfying OSHA and Environmental Regulatory compliance
  • updating employees responsible care awareness
  • encouraging employee safety and protection of the environment
  • updating requirements for transporters of hazardous materials
In addition to the program described above, Findlay has recently developed client-specific Facility Security Officer training held at several locations across the U.S. and our training center in Findlay, Ohio.

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